08 Jun 2018

Weekly Round Up. Electrician on Tour.

This week the team have been busy on a variety of jobs in Hartlepool and various locations in Scotland.



Sunny Scotland was the destination this week. The electrical installation work was in collaboration with a local heating company. The electrical jobs took our electrician through some beautiful locations. Electrical work was completed in preparation for new boiler installations and smart thermostats were also installed.

Electricians in Hartlepool.

Lots of electrical jobs completed locally this week. The jobs varied in size as we undertake all electrical jobs, big or small.

Nest Thermostat Installation.

A successful installation of a Nest smart thermostat into a Hartlepool home. The customer can now improve their energy efficiency and control the heating perfectly to suit their needs.

Lighting Fixture Removal and Installation.

A homeowner in Hartlepool needed electrical improvements to a child’s bedroom. Three old cloud shaped lights were removed from the ceiling and replaced with a singular central lighting fixture.

House Rewire.

A house rewire was completed this week. The customer had recently moved to this property and the old electrics needed updating, so a full house rewire was needed. The team completed the job and carried it out as neatly as possible, ready for the new owners to decorate their new home.


We also had some callouts this week from a local estate agents on behalf of landlords. Our electricians promptly responded to these callouts and fixed the issues quickly for the tenants.


01 Jun 2018

A week of home electrical jobs.

It has been yet another busy one for the Oak Electrotechnical team, it’s been a week of domestic electrical jobs.

House Rewire

The Oak team have had two house rewires in Hartlepool to keep them busy this week. House rewires update the electrics in your home, improve safety and allow you to have the electrics to suit your needs.

Fuse Box Change

A fuse box needed changing in Gateshead that was able to be completed this week. As you can see we cover all of the North East.

House Condition Report

In addition to all of the above the team completed three condition reports for clients moving home in Hartlepool.

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25 May 2018

Weekly round up. All hands on deck.

Its been yet another busy week here at Oak Electrotechnical Ltd. While the team have been working on local jobs, the M.D. has been down south for a few jobs in Surrey and Norwich.

Up North

So up North the team have been busy. A kitchen rewire in a Durham home was completed ready for the kitchen to be installed. Electrical installation for some new build properties in Hartlepool kept the team busy, the team kept to deadlines and collaborated with other local trades to keep the project on course. The electrical work in a local social club continued. Bathroom lights have been installed in a property in Hartlepool to finish off a new bathroom install. Faulty switches have been fixed in a couple of homes in Hartlepool.

Down South

Down South the M.D. had a couple of days of installing wiring ready for new boilers. First was on a farm in sunny Surrey inside a barn with nice old wooden beams. The second was on a busy farm and the third in a family home, both in Norwich.

Variety is the spice of life.

Here at Oak Electrotechnical Ltd we work on a variety of electrical installations and properties, both domestic and commercial, and although we are based in Hartlepool in the North East of England we do venture outside of the area for electrical work of all types.

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18 May 2018

A busy week of rewires! I Oak Weekly Update

Oak Electrotechnical Ltd is not your standard team of electricians in Hartlepool. We undertake all electrical work both in and outside the town.

This week has been a busy one for our electrical team with not just one, but two rewires.

The first is a commercial electrical job. An ongoing rewire of a local social club, a large job to improve the energy efficiency and smooth running of the club.

The second was a domestic electrical job in the form of a full house rewire, to update old wiring and to ensure the electrical safety for the occupants. Having a rewire also gives the client the opportunity to move and add sockets and switches and to ensue the electricity supply is were needed, gets all the electrical jobs completed in one go.

Did you know we also do testing and inspection? This week we tested a kitchen used for catering to ensure all electrics are up to standard, for the clients safety and to keep their business up and running.

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10 May 2018

MD Out of Town & Electrician Starting an Extension | Oak Weekly Update

A busy week for us here at Oak Electrotechnical Ltd.

The first noticeable difference of this week was starting on Tuesday this week, rather than the usual Monday we’re all used to. That’s not to be confused as a complaint though, as we accepted our three day weekend with open arms. Nonetheless, we were back in business on Tuesday after what was a well deserved Monday off.

Towards the beginning of the week, we started off with a rewiring of a local social club, popular amongst the town. A larger job than a small kitchen, but we’re no stranger to domestic based jobs as this week we’ve also been installing bespoke lighting into a kitchen.

Thursday also has a reasonably busy schedule to fill up our day. Our MD is headed out of town in the van to a job in collaboration with gas and heating business. Also heading out of town is one of our electricians, who is on his way to a prominent local builder to start up another extension.

That’s all for this week.

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18 Jan 2018

Daily Round Up

Oak electrotechnical Ltd have finished a kitchen today in Hartlepool. We were employed to install the electrical installation within a converted garage. We installed a new distribution board made by MK, and Schneider white plastic sockets.
A new circuit was installed for both the cooker and the ring main. The customer was extremely happy with the installation and commended us on a job well done. Our electrician Lee did a fantastic job on this installation along with our electrical apprentice Dan.
Our other electrician Jonathan has been busy all day completing testing and inspection work for an electrical condition report on a local social club which is in need of our care and attention.