27 Jul 2018

Electricians North East

This week our electricians have been around the North East of England.

Electrical Installation, Barn Conversion, Northallerton.

The amazing barn conversion our electricians have been working on is near completion, and is ready for electrical testing. The customer has been extremely happy with our electrical teams work, and the overall look that the electrics add to the barn. We will update with photos on completion.

House Rewire Hartlepool.

Our electricians have been working on another house rewire in Hartlepool this week. Updating and renewing your house wiring improves safety and help your home run better for you, while also adding sockets and lights where needed.

Electrical Installation Newcastle.

The electrical team have also been working in a flat in Newcastle this week, improving and maintaining the electrical aspects of the flat.



20 Jul 2018

Electrical Installations

The team at Oak Electrotechnical Ltd have had a variety of electrical installations this week. Our electricians have had a busy week below is an overview of the electrical work.

House Rewire.

This week our electricians have completed a house rewire in a home in Hartlepool. House rewires update the electrics for safety and practicality for the homeowner.

New Build Properties.

The team have continued this week with the electrical installation, in new build properties, in Hartlepool. Team work is key with projects like these, as many trades come together to get the work completed. Our electricians complete any electrical work needed on these jobs.

Barn Conversation.

Our team of electricians have had an exciting job this week with the start of an electrical installation within a barn in Northallerton. This exciting project is to convert a barn to be a venue space, but to keep the original features and quirkiness of the barn. Its a fascinating project, it challenges our electricians to complete the work within the specifications of the brief, and to be both practical, and to keep the electrics in keeping with the overall look the customer wants. Our electrical team are fully qualified to take on a variety of electrical work and all is guaranteed and certified.

If you would like further information on Oak Electrotechnical Ltd, reviews, photos etc please check out the following links.





13 Jul 2018

Commercial and Domestic Lighting Installation

LED Lighting Installation.

Recently our electrical team has completed many lighting installation jobs. The main job this week has been a commercial electrical job at a Hartlepool car garage. The old strip lighting was to be replaced with new LED lighting throughout. LED lighting gives off high quality light that is more energy efficient than previous preferred options. Many homes and businesses are changing to LED lighting to save energy and keep electricity costs lowered. Our friendly team of Hartlepool electricians are here to help no matter the size of your home or business.

Domestic Lighting Installation.

Our electricians take on all electrical work not matter how big or small. This domestic electrical job was an electrical installation of a new lighting fixture in a Hartlepool home. We install lighting like this on a daily basis, quickly and efficiently. With all the lovely lighting options and unusual lighting fixtures available on the market, we are on hand to help you create the home of your dreams.