27 Nov 2018

Electrician North East

Electrician Hartlepool.

Our electricians are qualified for all types of electrical work, domestic electrical work and commercial electrical work. Our electricians work in everything from private homes to shops, industrial spaces, schools and hospitals.

Oak Electrotechnical Ltd covers all areas of the North East of England. Our electricians are based in Hartlepool but cover areas such as Middlesbrough, Stockton, Darlington, Newcastle and everywhere in-between. Our electricians will also travel further afield if needed. So if you need new sockets, a full house rewire, outdoor security lighting, new light fitting installing, any electrical installation, give us a call.

Smart Home Technology

Another popular install at the moment is smart home technology. This Hive thermostat was recently installed in a Hartlepool home by one of our electricians. The heating and hot water can be controlled via the thermostat, an app on your phone or via your Amazon Echo.

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13 Nov 2018

Electrical work

Here at Oak Electrotechnical Ltd we undertake all electrical work. Our team of electricians undertake all types of electrical work in areas such as Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Stockton, Darlington, Newcastle and beyond. Electrical work by our Hartlepool electricians include but are not limited to; electrical rewires, house rewires, lighting installation, indoor and outdoor sockets, security lights, extra sockets and kitchen electrical installation. We are an electrical contractors which are qualified for both commercial and domestic electrical installation. Oak Electrotechnical and our electricians are also available for maintenance contracts and inspection and testing.

14 Sep 2018

Our Electrical Team

Electrical Team

Here at Oak Electrotechnical Ltd we believe in working as a team to get the job done. Everyone in the team is important. Recently our team of electricians has expanded, making us bigger and better. Our electrical team is fully qualified to undertake all electrical work. Here at Oak we are here to help. Get in touch to discuss any electrical work, no matter how small, we can help you out. Electrical work can be undertaken by a Hartlepool based electrician or the full team of electricians depending on the needs of the electrical job.

Electrician North East

We are a family run electrical contractor and our electricians cover all areas of the North East, including Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Peterlee, Stockton, Darlington, Newcastle, Gateshead and more. No job too small, get in touch see how we can help you.

Electrician UK

At Oak Electrotechnical Ltd our electricians are based in the North East, but we can undertake electrical work all over the country if needed. Get in touch should you wish to discuss a special electrical project or you wish for us to tender or quote on any electrical work you need completing.

24 Aug 2018

Electricians in Hartlepool and Beyond.

Electricians in the North East

Our team of electricians have been hard at work recently all over the North East. The electrical work has been a real variety. Our team of electricians have completed electrical work in the North East, this has included pat testing in student accommodation in Newcastle and changing a fuse board and installing spotlights in a property in Morpeth.

Electricians in Hartlepool

The team have also completed electrical work closer in home in Hartlepool. These have included a few house rewires, upgrading and replacing office lighting in Hartlepool and new build home electrical installation. At Oak Electrotechnical Ltd out team of electricians are qualified to complete both domestic and commercial electrical work, both small and large projects. Get in touch for a free no obligation quote, no job is too small.

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27 Jul 2018

Electricians North East

This week our electricians have been around the North East of England.

Electrical Installation, Barn Conversion, Northallerton.

The amazing barn conversion our electricians have been working on is near completion, and is ready for electrical testing. The customer has been extremely happy with our electrical teams work, and the overall look that the electrics add to the barn. We will update with photos on completion.

House Rewire Hartlepool.

Our electricians have been working on another house rewire in Hartlepool this week. Updating and renewing your house wiring improves safety and help your home run better for you, while also adding sockets and lights where needed.

Electrical Installation Newcastle.

The electrical team have also been working in a flat in Newcastle this week, improving and maintaining the electrical aspects of the flat.



20 Jul 2018

Electrical Installations

The team at Oak Electrotechnical Ltd have had a variety of electrical installations this week. Our electricians have had a busy week below is an overview of the electrical work.

House Rewire.

This week our electricians have completed a house rewire in a home in Hartlepool. House rewires update the electrics for safety and practicality for the homeowner.

New Build Properties.

The team have continued this week with the electrical installation, in new build properties, in Hartlepool. Team work is key with projects like these, as many trades come together to get the work completed. Our electricians complete any electrical work needed on these jobs.

Barn Conversation.

Our team of electricians have had an exciting job this week with the start of an electrical installation within a barn in Northallerton. This exciting project is to convert a barn to be a venue space, but to keep the original features and quirkiness of the barn. Its a fascinating project, it challenges our electricians to complete the work within the specifications of the brief, and to be both practical, and to keep the electrics in keeping with the overall look the customer wants. Our electrical team are fully qualified to take on a variety of electrical work and all is guaranteed and certified.

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13 Jul 2018

Commercial and Domestic Lighting Installation

LED Lighting Installation.

Recently our electrical team has completed many lighting installation jobs. The main job this week has been a commercial electrical job at a Hartlepool car garage. The old strip lighting was to be replaced with new LED lighting throughout. LED lighting gives off high quality light that is more energy efficient than previous preferred options. Many homes and businesses are changing to LED lighting to save energy and keep electricity costs lowered. Our friendly team of Hartlepool electricians are here to help no matter the size of your home or business.

Domestic Lighting Installation.

Our electricians take on all electrical work not matter how big or small. This domestic electrical job was an electrical installation of a new lighting fixture in a Hartlepool home. We install lighting like this on a daily basis, quickly and efficiently. With all the lovely lighting options and unusual lighting fixtures available on the market, we are on hand to help you create the home of your dreams.

29 Jun 2018

Domestic Electrical work


This week has been a week filled with domestic electrical work. Our team installed a light, a beautiful hanging light in a hall in a home in Hartlepool. Electrical installation in a house extension was completed this week ready for the home owners to complete the decorating. Lighting was installed in a loft to get best use of the space and a light was also fitted in a garage to best utilise the space day and night. The team also completed a fuse board change this week. As you can see our team at Oak Electrotechnical Ltd undertake all electrical work both big and small. We are Electricians in Hartlepool but cover all of the North East and beyond.

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22 Jun 2018

Electricians in Hartlepool

Hartlepool Rewire

This week our electricians have been to look at a variety of electrical jobs in and around Hartlepool. We get many jobs for rewires, which are needed in many older homes. Renewing your electrics keeps your home safe, helps it run more efficiently and work for you. Our electricians completed a rewire on a customers home in Hartlepool and another Hartlepool rewire in a social club this week.

House security alarms.

Home security is important to keeping you and your home and its contents safe. Our team attend a number of electrical callouts, and this week, we sent our electrician to callout to a customers home to fix their house alarm which had a fault. We can install and repair house security alarms, emergency lighting and security lights.

Exciting new projects and new customers

Oak Electrotechnical Ltd have exciting new projects coming up and have had a week of quotes and tenders. We look forward to working with new clients and customers to help make their dreams a reality. With lots of new build properties, electrical home improvements and electrical projects in the pipeline.







08 Jun 2018

Weekly Round Up. Electrician on Tour.

This week the team have been busy on a variety of jobs in Hartlepool and various locations in Scotland.



Sunny Scotland was the destination this week. The electrical installation work was in collaboration with a local heating company. The electrical jobs took our electrician through some beautiful locations. Electrical work was completed in preparation for new boiler installations and smart thermostats were also installed.

Electricians in Hartlepool.

Lots of electrical jobs completed locally this week. The jobs varied in size as we undertake all electrical jobs, big or small.

Nest Thermostat Installation.

A successful installation of a Nest smart thermostat into a Hartlepool home. The customer can now improve their energy efficiency and control the heating perfectly to suit their needs.

Lighting Fixture Removal and Installation.

A homeowner in Hartlepool needed electrical improvements to a child’s bedroom. Three old cloud shaped lights were removed from the ceiling and replaced with a singular central lighting fixture.

House Rewire.

A house rewire was completed this week. The customer had recently moved to this property and the old electrics needed updating, so a full house rewire was needed. The team completed the job and carried it out as neatly as possible, ready for the new owners to decorate their new home.


We also had some callouts this week from a local estate agents on behalf of landlords. Our electricians promptly responded to these callouts and fixed the issues quickly for the tenants.