Its been yet another busy week here at Oak Electrotechnical Ltd. While the team have been working on local jobs, the M.D. has been down south for a few jobs in Surrey and Norwich.

Up North

So up North the team have been busy. A kitchen rewire in a Durham home was completed ready for the kitchen to be installed. Electrical installation for some new build properties in Hartlepool kept the team busy, the team kept to deadlines and collaborated with other local trades to keep the project on course. The electrical work in a local social club continued. Bathroom lights have been installed in a property in Hartlepool to finish off a new bathroom install. Faulty switches have been fixed in a couple of homes in Hartlepool.

Down South

Down South the M.D. had a couple of days of installing wiring ready for new boilers. First was on a farm in sunny Surrey inside a barn with nice old wooden beams. The second was on a busy farm and the third in a family home, both in Norwich.

Variety is the spice of life.

Here at Oak Electrotechnical Ltd we work on a variety of electrical installations and properties, both domestic and commercial, and although we are based in Hartlepool in the North East of England we do venture outside of the area for electrical work of all types.

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